So! Bring it on big guys. It’s going to collapse anyway at least this way you will go our of existence.  The balls of these assholes threatening us with collapse if the court order to the FED to give us the names of those that got the bailout money. the 5 trillion or so they  got under the table.  If we got rid of the FED, their member banks and all of the top ten mentioned in this article we would be a long way to fixing the problem.  Most of these crooks have been around and have caused most of our problems.  if collapse (I should say when) happens you can take some comfort in knowing the big guys running this money show will be amongst the causalities. Sure we will all have to start over again but if we can (and I’m not sure we can) destroy these very few freaks that run the show, our world will go on to be a better place.

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