I’m already nervous about the Swine Flu vaccine.  Now this post from George Washington Blog that makes me want to squeel like a pig.  Not only is the virus part untested but this post says the booster they intend to use has never been tested and oh joy, they will do a 4 week test prior to delivery.  The disease linked to these booster in the past is some serious shit as is an untested virus vaccine.  They will use this booster because they can’t make enough for the populace (gee could that be because they allowed all the makers to merge)  you bet your butt that’s why and now they want us to trust an emergency patch to cover their asses.  We know these accelerators were used in the anthrax vaccine give to the Gulf War troops (heard of Gulf War Syndrome) yep the guess is the booster (same one they intend to use in Swine Flu Vaccine) was the cause of GWS.

Now I don’t know squat about vaccines, but I do know I have a judgement call to make and soon, as of now , they can keep their shot I’ll take my chances.  HERE’S THE POST

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