Perhaps it’s the only word they know but that would be giving them the benefit of the doubt, which they don’t deserve.  Presented below is this weeks Bill Moyers Journal . This is an interview of 3 families with not very good endings and my take none of them deserved their ending.  Most of the readers of this blog already favour covering the un insured by some plan which will provide them with at least basic coverage.  So if your on my side already send this to those that aren’t (if you know any)  and see if they shed a tear or perhaps even give a shit about the fate of others.

The arguments from the right are at best stupid and at worst out right  lies.  Their arguments go from this is a Nazi plan , to death panels, to I ain’t paying for no God Damn illeagals, to socialism and on and on and on.  Here’s the stats on the uninsured .

A previous Tiger gram on the subject

My bottom line on health  care “MEDICARE FOR ALL, NO EXCEPTIONS, WITH ALL EMPLOYERS KICKING IN” Not only will it solve the ongoing budget deficits it will bring peace of mind to all citizens like the rest of the industrial world has.  What in the hell is wrong with this country all we seem to believe in is blow em up, stomp them down, eat their oil and not paying the bill to do this.  While at the same time we treat our veterans like shit, destroy them mentally and physically , destroy their families, and watch as more and more say “I can’t take it anymore” and opt out of life.

I would suggest it’s  time to ask this “Christian God” you all claim to believe in ” What price are you going to make me pay in the afterlife for being this mean, hard hearted, self centered , selfish prick.  I can hear the answer now “I knew I should have built that new ring of hell larger, there are so many of these pricks.  Oh well we’ll crowd them in as they did to the poor in the ghettos, no big deal they deserve it.

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