I’ve speculated before on this blog that this massive destruction of our economy just about had to be a planned program.  You couldn’t screw up this bad if you planned it.  Perhaps I will now have to eat crow and put one thing on the list of Bush(and the conservatives) have been sucessful at.  THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR ECONOMY.  Now MIke Whitney in this piece “It’s not a depression it’s a planned demolition” says the same thing. It’s always comforting to have company when your out on a limb, Welcome aboard Mike.

On the other hand your favorite Nobel winning economist Paul Krugman say Great Depression 2.0 avoided.  Don’t think for a minute that his statement makes me antsi , it doesn’t .  In the article he as much as says he doesn’t have a clue to get out of this mess, and suggests as usual the same ole tired receipes that have not worked in the past.  Somehow he sees a depression avoided by doing the same ole crap.  Maybe his grants are up for renewal or maybe he needs to fess up to being bought and paid for like the rest of the big names.

He sees a return to growth in two years.  Really, well hell , I think I’ll have another beer while I wait!

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