Economic growth will not be back, ever!  Why the hell should it?  I have babbled in past blogs about Peak oil, Peak Natural Gas, Peak Water, Peak Food, Peak Economic growth.  Well guess what we have all of those combining to be the Perfect World Storm.  Yep it’s here, Squint harder , you can see it , you just don’t want to admit it.  We switch focus hourly depending on the story of the day.  Lately it’s been mostly economic forcing us to loose focus on the rest of the storm that is coming.  It’s hard I know, ya gotta get your Tweet quota in , your Facebook page needs updating, and you only sent 7000 text messages today, but you have to focus or your Tweeter will bite you in the ass.

Fortunately for you Richard Heinberg in his latest Muse Letter #208 lays it all out for you in one piece.

I’ll even give you a choice between Richard’s premise or this Fruitcake who sees little use for man in the future (except the rich ones of course) machines will do all the work and most of us will depend on welfare to get by.

Don’t know about you but I’d rather return to the soil than beg for food.  Heinberg points to this kind of economists as part of the problem not the solution.

Please take the time to read Heinberg’s piece , it’s fairly lone, but one of the most important pieces I’ve read in years.  Pick up you hoe and follow me.

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  1. Junior Says:

    I don’t disagree with Heinberg’s analysis, which is really the same thing the Tiger has been saying for several years now. Anyone with an internet connection could have predicted this economic crash, and that it would be precipitated by high energy prices.

    But I think another element needs to be added into the equation. Oil companies, investment banks and other giant global corporations are really run by the same small group of people, through a series of interlocking boards of directors. They run the system, including the politicians who are supposed to regulate it, and it is this system that depends on perpetual growth through debt.

    The doom and gloom predicted by Heinberg, Kunstler, et al can be averted by resting control of our resources from the corporations and banksters that currently run the system. The right to control the currency must be returned to the people. The Constitution not only permits it, it demands it.

    Every disaster offers an opportunity. This is ours.

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