In a post a few days ago I suggested that conservatives are a mean bunch of bastards!  I was being way too kind they are in fact heartless and cruel particularly when it comes to health care questions.  The other night Thom Hartman was having a debate on health care solutions witn Alex Epstein  Thom related that a relative of his was born with Spina Bifada  and would have had a more horrible life if it wasn’t for insurance covering her care (avg. lifetime cost of care $500,000) .  Epstein said and this is very hard to handle that insurance is not necessary for her care and that the family should take care of the cost. (obviously this asshole doesn’t know anyone this sick)  and if they can’t handle it then they should rely on charities for her care.  The Ann Rand bunch are conservatives and libertarians on steroids.  Total God damn whack jobs not living in the real world.  Their line of crap has never been tried in the real world and when parts of it have been implemented the effect is what you see happening to our country right now.

Now this hits home really hard for me personally, my little sis was born without any grey matter in her brain , she was born a baby and died at 25 a baby.  My father spent a fortune trying to find out just what was wrong with her. The system milked him dry mostly with bullshit analysis that was totally wrong. Much latter in her life they found the truth.  There was nothing to do for her and she spent the last half of her life in an institution.  Yes it was paid for by the state and though it wasn’t the most pleasant place in the world she was taken pretty good care of.  My point being these heartless folks on the right feel no obligation to help take care of persons like my sis.  Yet they support bailing out banking crooks, crooked corporations etc.

I want you to contemplate just for a moment what a difference it would make in this world if these folks suddenly found a heart, loaded with compassion.  A world where it was the responsibility of every one on this planet to insure that no one ever went to bed hungry, cold or sick, and never ever had to worry about their children ever experiencing any of those things.  FANTASYLAND  – NO A LAND WITHOUT CONSERVATIVES  abybody thinking Sibera….I am

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  1. Junior Says:

    Here’s what’s wrong with our health care system: It’s built on debt. From the loan to build the hospital, to the insurance company that will never pay you your full benefits, to the ungodly bills they charge people who have no way of ever paying it.

    The point is, they want us not to be able to afford it. That’s why the interest on all loans is front-loaded. They know you can’t pay. But that doesn’t stop them from skimming of the cream.

    Jesus was right: Throw the money changers out.

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