A challenge to all right wingers.  Site one positive thing said by the right wing since Obama took the reins.  That’s what the comment block  at the end of this blog is for, but of course your all cowards, every last one of you mean SOB’s are cowards , lazy and stupid to boot.  You believe Every rancid email sent to you by Dick Army and his Gestapo.  Yes I’m calling you Nazi’s because that’s what your behaviour mimics.

Your latest little adventure is the disruption of Town Halls by gangs of yelling , screaming , mostly senior citizens who I suspect are on your payroll.  A huge portions of the crowds are seniors on Medicare which they are calling Socialism if it for anyone but them.  Now personally I thought even you dense bastards wouldn’t fall for this little Nazi trick . (yes Nazi it’s what the Brown Shirts of Hitler did in beer halls) but to  my astonishment you did.  You think it’s great a true sign of Democracy, only thing missing from your democracy is a fist fight in Congress like South Korea has on a regular basis.  This tactic is all you have left , your lies have not worked , your emails ended up in most peoples shitcans, your TV appearances are painful to anyone who can think.  Your crapola is so easily debunked it hardly seems worth a serious persons time.  But alas it appears to be necessary to call you out on your tales of horror.  Take one screaming example, “Everybody in America Has Health Care” Oh really, well according to them yes they do they can always go to an Emergency Room, I would suggest if you believe that , you go to one and try it for yourself,  hell you might even have insurance (but it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t) (you are a cheap bunch of bastards, aren’t you)  You may only have a 5 hour wait or maybe longer if the pool of blood in front of you is not too big.  Try it you blowhards!  It must be nice to be so pure of heart that you actually believe that if 50 million people wern’t so lazy they would have health care.  I don’t want the government between me and my doctor, YOU RATHER HAVE AN INSURANCE COMPANY, Jesus you really are stupid.

Then you take the Cop and Professor thing and blow it up like some big racist thing,  instead of what it really was two people being very unprofessional and engaging in a stupid act.  You got a lot of mileage out of that didn’t you.

Then the frosting on the cake.  You couldn’t even make a good comment about the two journalists being freed from North Korea.  In fact you have portrayed it as a sign of weakness.  Now to me that shows me just how black your heart is (oh wait , I forgot you don’t have one)  that hole in your chest is in fact filled by a giant turd, that has contaminated your whole body.

I think even you denst bastards are getting the picture from my perspective by now.  You are Mean, Hard Hearted, Cruel, Uncaring, Sefhish, All for me Fuck you people.  Just think (the Christians amongst you) that when you face your God (whoever he/she may be) the Deity will take one look at your logbook and simply say ‘GET OUTTA HERE, GO STRAIGHT TO HELL”



  1. Junior Says:

    But suppose the banksters chose Obama just because he can fulfill all you have written above?

    Divide and conquer is the banksters game.

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