My words, yeah , you heard them from me for a long time and probably tired of hearing them.  If you ever listen to a thing on this blog you owe it to you and yours to watch this 11 minute interview with Gearald Celente on the yet to really hit collapse.  It’s starting now and hasn’t caught your attention yet but it will.  This will be followed by a consumer debt implosion probably bigger than the commercial real estate crash.

And if that’s not enough for you take a gander at the chart presented by George Washington Blog on the progression of the market during the first Depression.  This chart was presented in January long before  this current runup.  Never mind the rhetoric you here from the mouths of the bought and paid for talking heads believe your charts they can’t be bought they are what they are.  What you see if what you get and you may not believe me, but I would pay attention to the few you can trust which is where my opinions are formed.

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  1. Junior Says:

    They’ve built a pyramid from straw. Unfortunately, straw is extremely flammable.

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