There resides a rotting hunk of unused membrane that can’t and won’t comprehend anything bigger than a one liner.  In their latest missile against health care ,it is of unusual length for a conservative piece.  Page after page of bullshit that they know their believers will never check out.  In fact many of them just email it to me for comment.  Happy to oblige.

If you do a Google search  inside the conservative brain  for the words think, investigate, study you get only a one line response to your query” This page cannot be found in this brain.  Hell no they simply flip the dial to ole Rush buddy who they swear tells nothing but the truth.

Thirty years of these TURD BLOOSOMS, have sent the country on the  path to  destruction that we are witnessing now.  All because the faithful just listen to Rush and genuflect in front of his statue.

One of the features of this link you get a link to the actual bill they are sighting, something you will never see in a conservative attack piece.  Shit , they wouldn’t want you to actually read it.   Oh , wait they know you won’t.!

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  1. Junior Says:

    Stay tuned, the real conservatives may be coming back. Conservatives who believe the power to make money belongs with the government, not the banksters. It’s a fringe movement now, defined by Kucinich on the left and Ron Paul on the right, but it could blossom into the kind of populist movement not seen since the 1870s. It all starts with auditing the Federal Reserve. Surely this is something we can all agree on?

  2. Bob Scheide Says:

    Throw in Bernie Sanders on the Senate side and you might have the start of a great third party movement. It would be damned interesting to see what a Libertarian, a hard left progressive and a socialist democrat could put together. All three know and like each other and have worked together in the the past and currently have bills in both houses to audit the FED. They are also a world apart on many issues so it would make an interesting time for us spectators.

    • Junior Says:

      I’ll take a wild guess: Our valiant trio hasn’t taken a single bankster buck. This issue will separate the people from everyone else, i.e. all our elected officials and their bankster puppet masters. Stand by to be steam rolled, mofos!

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