So therefore using one of the defenses in defense of Michael Vick.  It’s ok if I beat, strangle and kill her because .after all I love her.  If this is logic , I don’t want any.  Besides my wife might kick my ass.

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One Comment on “I LOVE MY WIFE”

  1. Junior Says:

    Well, if both you and your wife’s ancestors were bred to go at each other’s throats for centuries, this would be perfectly understandable behavior, even between two lovers. They call “pit” bulls pit bulls because they were bred by the English for pit fighting. They exported the sport to the south, where it was very popular right up until the 1990s. What seems horrible to us from the outside looks normal to folks like Michael Vic on the inside. That’s why I disagree his entire life should be ruined. He has done his time. We are a nation of laws, not PETA members.

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