Now here’s a surprise some disagree on my take on Michael Vick’s return to football.  They would argue he has paid his dues and should be allowed back in the game. Some would suggest to err is human to forgive is divine.  Well crappo, there’s my problem, I don’t believe in Divinity so I guess I can’t be divine.  Some have suggested that dog fighting was not long ago considered a Gentleman’s Sport along with chicken fighting and today I heard of a new one (at least to me ) Finch fighting.  If you go back far enough you could throw in feeding Christians to lions (still not a bad idea)  disemboweling people for community sport, burning at the stake, dunking witches , and for that matter fighting just about any war you would like to mention.

Gentlemen usually hide behind one of a couple of bushes: 1 they were born to aristocracy , 2. born rich 3. dubbed a gentlemen so he could lead the real Gentleman’s troops.  An excellent example today is a Naval Officer through acquisition of higher education or some special program they are dubbed Gentlemen with special laws and privileges governing their actions.  Well hell, they actually have slaves (ok they are stewards) to wait on them hand and foot.

These so called gentlemen kill , or watch killing for their own pleasure.  As in Vicks case, he trained fighting dogs, dogs that know one thing how to kill other dogs, and if they don’t win their fight it is customary for the Vicks of the world to strangle the dogs with their own hands.  Now there’s some Gentlemanly like conduct in my book.  Dues paid or not the best job he should be able to get is picking up dog poop in the park.

Me , I’m a Cave Man, if I kill it (or in most cases today have it killed) I eat it.  I don’t hang it on the wall, I don’t choke it to death , I don’t let it lie to rot.  Yeah I know some of  the meat I eat is not raised in the best of conditions and I work to change that where I can.

The bottom line is I don’t kill for pleasure, I kill for sustenance.

But if you must know here’s the life of a fight dog

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One Comment on “I’D RATHER BE A CAVE MAN”

  1. Junior Says:

    Aye, human sport takes many forms, and sometimes it includes pitting animals in life or death situations. I have witnessed dog fights and cock fights, and I can hereby testify that the owners of the animals involved care about their pets as much as we do, even and especially if said animals get killed in the ring.

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