All you high rollers playing the stock market should know if you don’t that your playing on a table with loaded dice.

Read this article on HIGH FREQUENCY TRADING and understand this is the market your playing in.  There are no such things as fundamental analysis , if you have to trade you have to be pure chartist.   If you remember a week or two ago they arrested an ex Goldman/Sachs employee for stealing software that is estimated made Goldman 100 million a day profits gaming the market.  So if play you must , crank this info into your system it may help you.

My Gurus are saying beware 22 August, this is being indicated as the start of a huge market plunge to the 4000 level on the Dow.  So if your feeling smug that your 401 K is looking better than a year ago, find a place to protect it for a couple of years.

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One Comment on “LOADED DICE”

  1. Junior Says:

    That’s going to be quite a plunge, considering how they’ve managed to pump it back up to 9000.

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