Tuesday was window washing day, my house is all windows.  There are screens on every window and these screens trigger my “I hate goddamn plastic button”.  The hold down latches on these screens when installed were plastic and after a year they started to break which meant when a gale wind blew in my screens became airplanes.  Yep they flew off and away because the damn plastic holddowns had failed.  Being a fast learner I motored to my local OSH and bought all new metal ones.  They have been on for over a year and are doing just fine thank you.

The slides on my kitchen drawers are or should I say were held on by plastic end pieces.  In under 5 years they all have broken and been repllaced with other devices.

My refrigerator, a top of the line name brand refrigerator’s lining cracked within two years and is not of course covered under warranty and can not be replaced even if you wanted to.

My name brand dishwasher in under 5 years had it’s lining broken by dropping a standard kitchen knife on it and of course the dishwasher had to be replaced.  (Check out Bosch appliances if you want to get away from plastic).

Portable tools are mostly plastic and I bet you can’t take one apart and get it back together again.

The simplest of all garden tools a hose nozzle is good for maybe a year if your carefull.  (You can find and buy some made of metal (made in the usa too) that last a long time.

Roll under your car and check out the front lower cover, yep cheap plastic held on by plastic pop rivets.

By now you probably have figured out I hate plastic and most of this junk is not made here.  But it is cheap.  So you get to buy it over and over again making it in the end not cheap and definitely not fun to use.

So the moral of this rant is , quit buying this plastic junk, buy more expensive and better stuff and if your really working hard at your looking it might even be made in the USA.  Don’t buy the junk and the good stuff will come.

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