37% of returning vets from Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from metal illness in various forms.  Researchers believe this is clear evidence that multiple deployments are behind this rise in metal illness in the troops.  This is about 2 in 5 of every deployed troop is essentially undeployable after their multiple tours. As this story shows being mentally ill does not mean you can’t be sent back.

The new army program says you can seek counselling under a don’t write it down program, where you spill your guts to some dime store shrink who does not write it down, gives you some sugar pills and sends you back into the fight.

Does any of this tell you the state of our current military policy and the devastation it is inflicting who this generation of fighting men.  As retired Navy I am so god damn mad about this I’m spitting blood.  Oh by the way the VA Shrink staff in manned at 50% of funded positions.

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  1. Junior Says:

    Considering you pretty much have to be crazy to join the military these days, maybe 37 percent isn’t so high.

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