If you think we are actually going to get a reform of our medical system , think again.  Here are two tidbits picked up last night on talk radio that if it goes down this way we will get screwed again.  Don’t forget I already told you I have more insurance than God.

First, Nancy Pelosi has flatly said she will not allow Medicare Part D to come to the table.  In other words the drug companies are paying big bucks to keep Part D as it is.  We could save up to 400 billion a year by Changing Part D to resemble the VA plan which negotiates with the drug companies  successfully for lower costs.  This alone would pay to insure all those who do not have coverage again.

So called Public Plan as it stands right now the payments in this plan would be at the Medicaid rate.  Try and find a doctor who will take you as a patient at these rates.  Hell, it’s getting harder to find a doctor to take Medicare  which pays higher than Medicaid.

Then there is the talk they are going to lower Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals, the  GP doctors are already getting low balled by Medicare, most GP visits are paid at less than $50.

Of course we don’t really know what is on the table right now, will we ever, probably not but I can bet what we are going to get in the end starts with an F and ends with an  ED.

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