Another week where the right wing shows just how despersate they are.  First there was the Fox military analyst Ralph Peters Lt. Col retired said on Fox that the American soldier captured by the Taliban should be executed for treason for making the film we all saw.  I would therefore assume he would be for the execution of John McCain who also made films for the enemy.  I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by now at anything this gang of mad men come up with.

Another snit they were in this week was over the President’s comments on the Professor that got busted in his own house and arrested even after he showed them photo id.  They are blowing it up just to make noise and hope they can flush the few remaining crazies out of the bushes.

How about the Prez”s birth certificate?  Why doesn’t he show it.  Jesus H. Christ they can’t read either.  It’s been on the net for years.

One more: They actually published a letter to the faithful this week urging all hands to do everything they can think of to stop the health care bill from being encacted.

LOOK UP CLUSTERFUCK in the urban dictionary any and all definitions fit the Republican party to a tee.

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