Ok, I might be a Luddite!  But fingers do not twitter and never will.  It’s bad enough that my HDTV is full of twitter (and I thought it was just full of shit) but no, now I have to hear and god forbid read what some fool can say in 140 characters.  Yeah , shit, I know from my twittering tv that Michael Jackson dies 32 milli seconds ago.  I didn’t care then and I don’t care now.  I can’t think of one damn thing I need to know that can be said in 140 characters.

Now I know that some of you out there can produce all kinds of reasons why you twitter.  Some might even be justified.  Us old retired guys don’t have the time to twitter.  There are fish to catch, gardens to tend, firewood to get in, real news to read (on the net of course) which leaves no time for twittering  or facebooking for that matter.  I got talked into opening a Facebook account gee what a thrill.  I have received some interesting traffic from some local ladies just wanting to be friends “OH GOODIE GOODIE” .  For that matter I doubt you really want to know “WHAT I’M DOING” hell I might be sitting in front of this computer naked (OH HORROWS) how do I tell if my Web Cam is on?

All these Social Networking site are being touted as the greatest invention since sex.  Jesus , your sex life must really be dull.  I have a really good conspiracy theory on who invented this stuff, yep you got it , it has to be a Republican invention. Why , because they are the masters of the one line add.  Think about it, who in the hell really cares what you are doing right now.  Hell, your supposed to be working , only us retired guys should have the time to Tweet.  No wonder this country is going down the tube , you guys are Tweeting instead of working.  If it’s really news making I will read the whole story if it’s worthy.  If I was a real journalist I would be blasting Tweeting every day, why should I (the journalist) spend hours reasearching a story when I could work up 140 characters, post it and you have all you need to know.

I know some folks who Tweet, who haven’t read a real news story in years.  They are probably Limbaugh , and O’Reilly fans or worse yet Savage fans.  They love one liners, and that’s all they want to know.

I’m am concerned that this new Social Networking is just another plot to dumb down the citizens, although I didn’t think that was possible as a lot are already approaching the stupid stage.  So Tweet away dear friends, and be sure to look up all your old girl friends on Facebook.  Oh Yeah, and if you have time, read my blog, and if you really have some time try posting to it.

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  1. Jon M Barker Says:

    Remember the pogo stick? Hula Hoop? Trend is what keeps you Democrats in tax revenue… Right?

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