Gee , and all along I thought they just SUCKED!  Our Uncle is holding Warrants on 12.2 million shares of Goldman stock at $122.90 .  Goldman closed yesterday at $156.80 .  The estimated value of the warrants is $1.5 million.  Goldman is offering  $500 million (such a deal)  .  Unless I really don’t understand warrants they are a right to buy a share at a set price , what’s this negotiation bullshit.  Exercise the warrants and sell the junk on the open market (aren’t we always saying let the market take it course.  Stick it too them and get us a little of our money back.

Here’s the story

Here’s Matt Taibbi’s take on it.  and of course Matt is having a great time seeing all the wannabe’s jumping on his story now that he’s pulled Goldman/Sachs pant down.

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