Anybody who believes we are seeing the start of a recovery is absolutely nuts.  Check out these bankruptcy filings or all the economic state from SHADOW GOVERNMENT STATISTICS,  or check out the state of the housing collapse at Mish’s Economic Forecast.  See any recovery any where, HELL NO YOU DON’T. There is not one, NOT ONE, uptick in any of this data, it’s all straight down without even a wiggle up.  So GREEN SHOOTS, BULLSHIT is the only honest answer out there.  Just because you hear it on the TV , you should know by now that they are in the pocket of the moneyed  interests and are doing propaganda not news.  Good ole Walter Cronkite died today and probably is one of the last to tell us the truth.  Bill Moyers is still around but he is getting long in the tooth as I am.  Who will be left to tell us the truth, NO ONE.  That means you have to get off your ass and find out for yourself.  Don’t believe me for Christ’s sake, I could be lying too.  Jesus I hope I am full of shit, If I’m not there is going to be hell to pay.

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