For the last 30 years Fundamental Christians have been the secret weapon of the Republican Party.  Without them they would have been toast.  Not many of them of understood they were being used for the parties end, they don’t give a rat’s ass about the GAGG issues.  Names like Dobson, Robertson, Falwell, have rallied the fundamentals to the republican cause.

Now we are hearing of a group that has been in the closet since 1935 only occasionally noticed by the rest of us.  Who are these folks?  They have been know by many names over the years they currently are being called “THE FAMILY” OR THE “C STREET GROUP” .  I’ll bet you never heard of them , I’m a junky for this kind of stuff and I didn’t know of them.


Jeffrey Sharlet has just published a soft cover book entitled “The Family” that tells what he discovered from inside the group.  Jeff’s take on the Family has been published as early as 93 in Harpers..  Never heard of it???

Why are we hearing about it now.  Just so happens that the republicans (Sanford & Ensign)  that have been exposed in sex scandals this summer have both been counselled by the “C Street Group” .  Now the spotlight is on them and they are squirming.  If their power is just a little bit of what they claim to have the ability to do they are dangerous.

Every day a little more leaks on this group who may number as many as 20,000 but nobody knows for sure. They are octopus like with tentacles reaching world wide.  They are given credit for backing mass murders who simply offered to pray for their Christ and in return were armed and supported while they killed millions.  How much of this is fact, good luck finding out they are the most elusive group I have ever tried to trace.  I’m reading The Family now and will post more as I find it.

One more thing , so far they are mentioned in having connections inside the CIA.  One can’t help connecting the news today that  Dear Ole Dick was running an hit squad inside the CIA, that even the Director of the CIA did not know about.  Sometimes 1+1 does equal 2.

Now I know that some Christians out there scream not me , that’s them..  Thems is sleeping in your tent and it’s your job to debug your tent.  Spray away all you Christians, let me know when they are gone.

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