1/10th of 1% control as much of the wealth as the bottom 50%

The 100 top CEO’s earn 1723 time the earnings of the avg wage earner.

Most of these top earners have gained their advantage by if not illegal means at least immoral means.  Now I know some of you think that morals has nothing to do with earnings but I believe they do.

Loyalty use to be a part our work ethic.   Over the last 30 years we have been told that loyalty is a thing of the past what is important today is what can I get for myself and to hell with everyone else.  They talked us into believeing things like deregulation was a good thing, that outsourcing good jobs was a good thing , getting huge equity loans on our rising house price and to spend that money as if it were cash was a good thing , to buy houses that were so much money that except in these times you would have not thought of buying they said you could and you did.

Now were paying the piper for all this fun.  Some who didn’t play the game are really feeling screwed , they didn’t have the fun but are paying the price just the same.  You needn’t think this crisis is over , it isn’t in fact it’s probalby just getting started.  There is a possibility that this could last up to 10 years and be even tougher than the Great Depression.

I know I beat the economic drum a lot , I can’t help it.  This is the most important fiscal event in my long life and I know you are not being told the  truth by MSM.  Hell , when the Washington Post is selling access to their economic writers to lobbyists somebody telling the truth is vitally important.  The links on this site give you access to the folks I’m listening too, If you can’t believe me then check them out and if you still don’t believe then I feel for you.

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