First a disclaimer:  I have more health insurance than God.  I pay zipp out of pocket for all care.  All bought and paid for by my sweat and blood over more than a 59 year working career.  So I have no dogs in this health care hunt.  I stand a better chance of loosing coverage than gaining anything.

Second a little recent family history.

A recent lumbar surgery in the family cost $320,000 .  I paid nothing.

22 years ago I had a quad bypass at age 50.

Either one of these events that happened to an uninsured person they are bankrupt and go thru hell getting back to square one.

These numbers should make you automatically dismiss the republican Health Savings Account bullshit.   No working for wages stiff could ever save the kind of money mentioned above.

The other right wing brainiac idea is for high deductible cheap ole plans that would still end up in bankruptcy.  70% of all bankruptcies are for medical reasons.  Or better yet they say get your care at the emergency room.(I guess they don’t know they end up paying top dollar for minimum care that raises their insurance premiums).

We can’t afford it they scream while they line up supporting two wars that we were lied into and campaign for yet a third war with Iran.

A Single Payer system was kept from entering the discussion (you don’t think over a million dollars a day) lobby money keeps any decent plan from being presented.

Meantime more and more people loose their jobs and their health care with little hope of help anytime soon from anyone.

Imagine if you can, having a family with no way to get health care.  Or having to choose between eating or buying your medications. Or even worse yet you have a child with a serious illness and no help is available.

Imagine if can the blackness of the hearts of these right wing turds blossoms that say NO, NO, NO to any decent plan.  Hard to imagine anyone so cruel and they proclaim to be followers of Christ.  I got news for em,  Christ won’t have them, Black Hearts can only  go one place and it’s deeper, darker and far more dreadful than Hell.

Meantime all other industrial nations provide universal health care to their citizens . WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH US??


One Comment on “JUST THE FACTS MA’M”

  1. Junior Says:

    As if we didn’t need another reason to hate the AMA.

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