233 years ago we declared our independence from the English and it would appear that today 2009, we will have to declare war on ourselves.  I’m not really sure what you would call the collective we that we have become, I do know that I don’t like us.  We sit idoly by while our industries are destroyed, our jobs are outsourced , our jobs are lost along with the health care and pensions that went with a good manufacturing job , our wages, standard of living , our very future is being flushed down the toilet , as we are served up the 1000th hour of Michael Jackson bullshit.

It’s no secret that I am a political atheist with heavy leanings to the progressive side of things.  Being so I encounter in my daily communication lots of folks of right wing persuasions and am always astonished by the cold , hard compassion less   view of the less fortunate of our society.  They would deny health care to those who don’t have it (oh yeah they say let them use public health) and they don’t know out here that care no longer exists.  They would deny those out of work any assistance, food stamps (are you kidding me) , unions (communist bastards ), federal and state workers (overpaid lazy bastards) and on and on.  Mention to them well fine , we will cut all that the minute you do away with corporate pork, lobbies, campaign finance contributions (public funding) and install proportional democracy.    Dead silence.

Now you know the sources these folks use, yep you  got it Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Savage who they will avow always tell the truth.  Yep , just like pigs can fly.

The plan of the rich is really quite simple, they want to go back to the feudal system.  They will live in walled castles and we will live in hovels and hoe beans, wipe their babies butts and bed their gentry.  Good luck with that. It may have worked in the past but them days are done.  It will take us awhile to wake up and realize what is actually happening and we will take action.  We always do.  We have overcome much in our short history and we will do it again.

So tomorrow and until we fix our country when you say the words to the Pledge of Allegiance , think of what it use to mean and how you and I can restore our great country to it’s former glory.

Now I know that some of you will view this as unpatriotic.  So be it.  I ask you just one favor , are you really proud of what we are today?  If your answer is no, then join in and let’s make it right.

No more stupid wars, health care for all, education for all, a living wage for all.  Too expensive you say, well I say It’s a lot cheaper than what we are doing now.

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  1. Junior Says:

    I forget who originally designed the divide and conquer stratagem, but that’s precisely what the ULTRA RICH have done to the so-called upper middle, middle, and lower class. It all goes away when we accept that it’s just a house of cards.

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