FOUR DOWN WORKING ON FIVE.  You have heard in recent days the parallels between the Great Depression and Now.  What you haven’t heard till now is the cause behind every one of the four bubbles. MATT TAIBBI lays it out for you is the linked article and he’s making Goldman Sachs and their lackies squirm.  They were in the forefront of the invention and playing the bogus investment schemes that have and will bring us down again and again.

The Maniacs on Wall Street have given us four bubbles in the past and are about to give us the fifth.

They Gave Us:

1. The Great Depression

2. The Tech Bubble

3. The Housing Bubble

4. The Oil Bubble

and are working on #5 right now.  Cap and Trade is the Vechile of choice, which will create a whole new array of phony investment vechiles to play.

I personally believe it might logically be  bigger than Cap and Trade , I think you could classify it as an Alternate Energy bubble.  Look what they have done to corn prices in the phony pursuit of Ethanol. Which in turn is destroying the milk industry by forcing the price of feed stock through the roof  and you can bet they are buying puts on milk, cattle, etc.  All commodities were on the rise  awhile back and it sure as hell wasn’t supply and demand. Look at the latest rise in Gasoline prices, while supply was up,  demand was down,   tankers were sitting off shore with no place to put their oil.

We are being driven to third world status by a bunch of greedy scum suckers that won’t be content till were back behind the hoes in the bean fields like the rest of the countries they have destroyed.

What they forget I believe is , If we don’t play they don’t win.  Ya don’t have to hoe the beans, rip em out by the roots. Hell if your gonna die , you may as well go with your middle finger raised in a final solute to these greedy bastards.

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One Comment on “BUBBLE, BUBBLE, BOOM”

  1. Junior Says:

    OK Tiger, we’ve already talked about this in emails, and I stand by my final analysis: Taibbi’s article is foreshadowed in the late, great American economist John Gailbraith’s “The Crash of 1929,” which readers of this post should understand the Tiger himself loaned me! Anyways, scapegoating G/S won’t do a god damned thing about what’s wrong. Scapegoat all the bastards. Hang them from lamp posts. That’s what they’ve got coming. And we’ve all got it coming.

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