I  usually like to read Robert Reich’s blog, until today! This piece will make a grown man cry, puke, and beat his middle to pulp with a hammer, what a crock of shit.

His basic premise is productivity has reduced the need for manpower every where even including Brazil so we should feel just part of the crowd.  He says we should stop crying about low wage countries taking our jobs.

quote :Factory jobs are vanishing all over the world. Even China is losing them. The Chinese are doing more manufacturing than ever, but they’re also becoming far more efficient at it. They’ve shuttered most of the old state-run factories. Their new factories are chock full of automated and computerized machines. As a result, they don’t need as many manufacturing workers as before.

Economists at Alliance Capital Management took a look at employment trends in twenty large economies and found that between 1995 and 2002–before the asset bubble and subsequent bust–twenty-two million manufacturing jobs disappeared. The United States wasn’t even the biggest loser. We lost about 11% of our manufacturing jobs in that period, but the Japanese lost 16% of theirs. Even developing nations lost factory jobs: Brazil suffered a 20% decline, and China had a 15% drop.

Hell we can’t even be #1 in job losses! This thinking has so many holes in it a sieve looks solid in comparison.  The big one for me is “If labor now is less intense, why move the factories over seas? ” Seems like a pretty simple concept if the factory “Ole Shorty ” visited only had two workers in it why would you want to move it overseas.  Yet they did and did and did.

Mr Reich sites agriculture at the beginning of the last century as a stunning example of how job loss in framing is a model we should follow in the loss of manufacturing jobs.  He neglects to mention that this was also the beginning of the industrial age of America. To be replaced in our current crisis by Walmarts? or  perhaps McDonalds.

He jumps to us blaming he low wage workers of the poor countries for taking our jobs when  it is really technology we should be blaming.  God Damn this to me seems to be so lame that I dare not put in words what I’m thinking.  Yeah sure folks in poor countries  need to be raised up and perhaps some are at least for awhile. He sites China as an example as they are automating their factories and require less and less workers.  So the flunky ole robots are going to be doing all the work, where have we heard that before.  Remember not long ago they were touting that we were going to have so much” leisure” time we wouldn’t know what to do with it. ” What they didn’t tell us that “leisure” time was going to be unemployment!!

So what all us folks to do ?  Why of course we will be “Symbolic Analysts”  You know the guys who brought you the current economic disaster.  The math wizards who now say “AHH hell it worked  on paper”  or 100:1 leverage is a good thing, or deregulation is the only way to fly. Also lying, fake bookkeeping, deliberate deception, the old rules don’t apply theory became the tome of the day.  Yeah those are the folks we need to duplicate.  Don’t the dumb shits know computers can do that better than a human.   Have fun on the unemployment line.

Oh by the way it’s obvious these folks have never heard of Hal.

Almost forgot Robert says the big problem we have to solve is how to get Walmart to pay a living wage.  The map is set we will NATIONALIZE IT!!

Tune in when ole Robert does his part two, I’m sure I’ll love it.

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