In my warped little mind I’ve suspected for a very long time these pirates were not the simple Somali fishermen bent on riding their water of dumpers and fish thiefs.  Nope , ain’t no way these outboard pirates could find ships in that big big ocean without some up to date help.  Sure enough this story leaked today, no names just a story, but we sure found out a lot more than we previously knew.  Fishermen with satellite phones, course , load and ports of call advanced information.

Now all we need is some names and then we will understand what this is all about.

I am familiar with every pimple on Miss California’s body but I don’t know anything real about these pirates.  It’s just amazing isn’t it how great our news sources.

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  1. Junior Says:

    Another angle on the pirates I’ve seen is this: It’s not the aid ships per se that are their targets, it’s all the multi-national traffic that has stripped their land bare. They’re just trying to recoup their losses. It’s kind of like Robin Hood, so yeah, it’s not surprising the English are involved.

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