Boy are we getting a deal.  The health care providers and the prez will announce tomorrow that starting in 2010 they will cut costs of healthcare by 2 Trillion  dollars over 10 years . Well goooooly geeeee my friends that a whopping 200 million a year.  That’s really cutting a fat hog in the ass considering the yearly health care costs in this country were 2 Trillion in 2006.  Never mind that if we went single payer you could cut 30% right off the top of that 2 trillion.

I guess you could think they are running scared, but if this is all that scared buys us I guess we will have to figure a way to kick the pressure up a notch.  Anybody who is on Medicare at present knows that the government pays about 10% on the average hospital bill and if hospital costs are 30% of the total costs there is another place we can save a lot of money.

Bottom line for me and I hope for you is the knowledge we are getting screwed big time.  The only way to bring the costs in line is heavy regualtion and Medicare and the VA are the perfect example of how costs can be contained.  The Va is the best example of drug cost control and Medicare is the best example of cost control of everything else.

The story is here and here

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One Comment on “HEY BIG SPENDER!”

  1. Junior Says:

    Gosh, I’ve been so looking forward to this health care fight, and telling these despicable rich cocksuckers who hold medical advances off the market, invent fake diseases, and consign third world countries to death all to jack up their profits that their days are numbered … in triple digits.

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