Really wait.  Nobody really knows how much it’s going to cost to get out of this mess.  Estimates wander all over the place up to numbers us common folks can’t even contemplate.  Meantime back at the propaganda mill (think government numbers) they say things are looking up, could this really be just a relative thing, up depends on where you are yourself.  For far too many calling tents their home (and they are the lucky ones) the bottom has been reached and they can’t see daylight from the hole they are in.  Think for a minute that a year ago they were saying that 2 million mortgages would be foreclosed on and that this was a horrible thing. What in the hell do you call 8 million foreclosures?  Gee the only words that come to mind have four letters.

Now they are telling us that the top banks only have to raise $75 billion to be safe considering the worst possible chain of events!  Now we all can guess at why they changed the mark to market rules awhile back, in fact it was to make the banks look solvent for this stress test.  They knew that most would not even look at the balance sheets because they consider it to be over their heads, but these are the same people who balance their check books each month and using the same standards they would know the banks are broke.

You absolutely cannot believe one number put out by the government no matter who is running the show.  Think 8.9 % unemployment is bad what would you call 20% unemployment.  A turn around is immanent , wanna bet?

Every number , every last one of them is a lie.  You don’t like the numbers , change the formula, or hell make up a new formula (think derivative markets) and make the numbers better for us non math majors to suck up.

Now I know some of you out there think I am nuts and totally unqualified to judge the heavy hitter economists out there, but keep this is mind not one of them who value their career can go against the popular theory of the day or their careers are over.  That’s the explanation given by some of them who ratted out the system ( and obviously don’t give a shit about their career) because they value the truth more than their career.

We are at the very leading edge of this catastrophe and have a long way to go to the bottom.  Don’t be fooled by the market upswing, it’s a bear market rally  which will end probably by fall.  Use it if your smart to recapture some of your money.  The market may go to 10,000 on the Dow and this will be the time to cut your losses and run.  A simple 50 moving average will tell you when it’s time, and yes you might even bail out early, but you will be one smug individual if its tanks to the 4000 level in the fall.  Remember all the numbers are lies!!

Here’s the story and another watch the short video in this second link it’s easier than the numbers

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One Comment on “1+1= 75 BILLION OR IS IT 599 BILLION – WAIT IT’S 2.5 TRILLION”

  1. Junior Says:

    I work for an investment firm. The honest truth of the matter is, despite our MBAs, we had know concept of the basic principals of mathematics, including the law of big and small numbers. Yeesh. What dumbfucks our masters are!

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