Wait a minute you assholes, that’s me your talking about, and lots of other dedicated state and federal workers who are mostly union members with good contracts (which the right would like to bust) and have retirement systems that after 20 or 30 years of service provide them with dignity in retirement.

Several posts today on the web site the magnificant pensions of some state workers.   The articles site close to 5000 state employees who earn over $100,000/yr. in retirement which is true.  What they don’t tell you is the system has close to 500,000 retirees so they are highlighting about 1% of all retirees who are doing very well.


It’s about time more people start calling these nick pickers to task for cherry picking the data to incite us to action in an unjust cause.  Lot’s of the people they name in these articles are police, fireman , prison guards, and teachers who probably have the toughest jobs in the state.  Yet they make lite of the dangers of doing any of these jobs for 30 years (some cases 20) .  You might raise your eyebrows at the teacher portion of the problem they think they have because they think teaching in a cush job.  Obviously they don’t know one teacher .  Every discussion of what’s wrong with the education systems mentions low teacher pay and these pukes now say they get too big of a retirement.   THE AVERAGE CALIFORNIA CIVIL SERVICE RETIREMENT IS $1985/MO.  Unless my calculator is broke that’s about $48K per year.  A nice retirement no doubt but hardly an obnoxious amount.

By now you should have realized that the right wing pukes hate Unions and the workers in them or anybody who can hang up their hammer with dignity at the end of their career.  They believe that we all should be rewarded like Walmart rewards it’s employees.  10 bucks and hour, shitty health care and no retirement , no body ever makes it that long working in their sweat shops.  The right won’t be satisified till they return us to pre Social Security and union size pensions. They want us to be peasants who do their work , have nothing and are scared to ask for more from their cruel masters.

They have had their day in the sun. They are showing you now they are a mean , vindictive , cruel, heartless ship of fools  without a rudder.  Some see a country finally wising up to the bullshit they have been putting out for 30 years.   Sure enough they have put us in another Depression the same way they did last time. The difference could be we have been shown once before how to stop them and reverse course to prosperity.  Speak up wherever you can.  We got them on the ropes, let’s complete the job and throw them overboard.

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  1. Junior Says:

    Here’s a question for the Sean Hannitys of the world. What’s the difference between a state worker and a politician? Plenty.

    Number one, they don’t call them state “workers” for nothing. They do all the work, whether it’s craft legislation or pave roads.

    Politicians, on the other hand, exist in a nebulous world where they flit from room to room, snatching party favors along the way.

    Number two, fuck these people, fuck Sean Hannity, they all suffer from anti-social personalty disorder. Like when a dog gets rabies,it’s incurable. The only choice is to put them down.

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